Brickmaiden Breads!

• Sesame Wheat Levain
• Wheat Levain
• Country White Sourdough
• Pain au gros Sel (salted potato)
• Vella Jack Cheese

• Apricot Pecan
• Kalamata Olive
• Wholegrain California Wheat
• Wholegrain Spelt
• Khorasan Blend

Brickmaiden Bread - Cookies
• Apricot Coconut
• Chocolate Shortbread
• Pistachio Lime
• Rose-Petal Shortbread
• Sesame Coins
Brickmaiden Bread - Biscotti
• Apricot Almond
• Coffee & Chocolate
• Hazelnut

Brickmaiden Bread - Granola
• Toasted oats, seeds and nuts lightly scented with coconut oil, honey and maple syrup and finished with plump raisins.

Brickmaiden Bread - Crackers
• Olive Oil
• Parmesan & Thyme
• Multiseed

Brickmaiden Bread - Scones
• Cardamom Raisin
• Currant
• Cherry-cornmeal
• Chocolate chip
• Fresh Fruit (varies)
• Ginger
• Savory (varies)


Brickmaiden Bread - Croutons
• Herbed croutons roasted in olive oil, laced with grey sea salt from France

Baking Schedule

• Fresh Baked Breads available Wednesday – Sunday at various West Marin retailers.

Sesame & Wheat Levain and Country White Sourdough available regularly

In addition:

• WEDNESDAY: Pain au Gros Sel (Salted Potato Bread), Wholegrain Blend

• THURSDAY:  Baker’s Choice, Wholegrain Blend

• FRIDAY: Vella Dry Jack Cheese

• SATURDAY:  Apricot Pecan, Wholegrain California Wheat

• SUNDAY:  Kalamata Olive, Wholegrain California Wheat, Wholegrain Spelt
• Look for additional specialty items at our farmers’ markets

A Day in the Life of Brickmaiden

Wood-fire ovens and wild yeasted breads are a slow and patient process. While most people are still enjoying the warmth of their beds, a lone baker arrives around 3:30 am to begin the morning bake. Overnight the oven has settled to a “mellow” 490 degrees fahrenheit and the baker must bring the oven up to baking temperature. (S)he starts a fire in the firebox that is external of the oven itself. The fire heats a brick lined channel that runs throughout the base of the oven, warming the water filled pipes that surround each deck. The stone hearths radiate a deep heat which will allow the loaves to rise as they bake and develop their strong & chewy crust. Loaves that have been carefully formed the day before and put to rest overnight on ‘couche”, are brought to temperature. The baker spends the next eight hours (or more!) finessing crusty and delicious loaves from our wood-fired oven.

Still in the early dawn hours, the morning baker is joined by another. (S)he begins to mix the dough that will be baked the following day. The dough is allowed to ferment for several hours. By late morning our shapers arrive. Throughout the day they form our beautiful loaves, putting them to rest once again, in baskets and on ‘couche’. The bread is then allowed its final slow fermentation at low overnight temperatures, allowing for its complex flavor development.

Each morning the process begins anew.