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Building community one loaf at a time. Sharing inspiration by bringing delicious, sustainably produced baked goods from Farm to Table.

ShapingBrickmaiden Breads is located in the historic town of Point Reyes Station, CA. Our town is situated next to the incredibly beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore. We receive a multitude of visitors every year, particularly in the summer months. Local businesses have the potential to quadruple their sales during these months. Due to the style of our existing oven, Brickmaiden has a finite production capacity which has limited our ability to harness this potential. This has meant, that while we are regularly at maximum production capacity and our baked goods are often sold out before noon, we struggle to keep up with the increased costs of running a wholesale business in West Marin.

The Challenge: Our existing brick oven was rebuilt in 2006, but is already dilapidating. We will be replacing our existing oven this winter, with a more efficient, modern, wood-fired oven. The new oven will have a much greater life span, give us flexible production, and save us considerably on costs. However, this is a tremendous investment for such a small business; the cost of the oven alone is $60,000.

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