New Oven Construction Update

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We are in the midst of repairing our bakery and preparing to install our new oven. The new oven is an Italian in-direct fire, wood-fired oven. It’s components are being shipped from Italy. Unfortunately, the labor disputes at the West coast ports have delayed our oven’s arrival. Meanwhile we have found that our repairs on the Bakehouse have been much needed and quite timely! Our floors and our roof, in particular, were on their last legs.
Luckily, we have been able to stay open, baking on a slightly abbreviated schedule, through the repairs. We are currently baking Tuesdays, and Friday¬†thru Sundays. Our bread and other baked goods are available in all there normal retail locations, including our farmers’ markets, during this time.
We are unable to fulfill our Kickstarter bread and baked goods cards on site at the moment, but you can still redeem them at our farmers’ markets! Sometime, hopefully around mid-March we will resume fulfilling cards at the bakery as well.
We will have some brief closures in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to keep abreast of the goings on please visit us on Facebook!